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Kinney Manufacturing has the in-house capabilities to produce a wide variety of cold formed and machined metal products to fill your various requirements. Typical order quantities can range anywhere from 1-1,000,000 pieces.

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Cold Heading
The process of cold forming raw materials from coiled stock. High speed equipment is capable of producing finished or semi-finished parts with production rates measured in the hundreds of pieces per minute. Machinery capable of forming materials up to 1/2" diameter is available.
Automatic Secondary Machining
Automatic pointing, shaving, and turning equipment complements the full range of sizes that can be cold formed in-house. There is rarely a need to "send a job out" for additional machining. This means better control over your orders and improved delivery times.
Short-Run Precision Machining
Multiple axis second operation lathes are used extensively for close tolerance machining and short production runs.
De-Burring and Grinding
Surface and Blanchard Grinders, vibratory bowls and barrel tumblers are available to add the finishing touches before shipment.
Only the finest quality inspection equipment is used to insure adherence to your specifications. Inspection equipment from companies such as Mitutoyo, Brown and Sharpe, Wilson-Rockwell, J&L, and St. Mary's, complement a sound quality assurance program.

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Please contact us with your questions or comments regarding our machining capabilities.