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Kinney Manufacturing maintains an extensive stock of "ready to braze" steel shanks. Please select one of the catagories below to find the steel shank that's just right for your application. Additional sizes are available. Please contact us for pricing and availability of items not listed.

Standard Steel Shanks
Precision ground steel shanks in inch sizes.
Metric Steel Shanks
Precision ground steel shanks in millimeter sizes.
Extended Length Shanks
Longer than normal lengths for special applications.
Miniature Shanks
Small diameter stainless steel shanks for the dental bur industry and other small tools.


In addition to producing the finest quality steel shanks available, Kinney Manufacturing also has the capability to cold form and/or machine a wide variety of specialty metal products. Cold forming, secondary machining, and grinding services are available to help you with many of those "hard to source" components. Please contact us for further information.

Cold Forming and Machining
Special metalworking processes for other products and specials.
Last modified: February 09, 1999